Speed and Slick Rail Overhead Conveyors

Where storage locations on different floor levels are serviced by overhead transport rail, powered conveyors need to be introduced.

With either trolley systems (speedrail) or slick rail systems AGF can manufacture overhead incline conveyors of varying lengths. Picking up the trolley or garment hanger via pusher dogs attached to a powered chain, the garments are transferred up or down the incline smoothly, quietly and safely.

Where garments need to be moved around large warehouses, powered overhead track can be installed above the transport rail. Capturing the trolley or hanger and powering it dynamically to and from storage locations either automatically or semi automatically. Layouts of this kind rely on heavily on the control systems that can be engineered to utilise specially coded trolleys or bar codes. AGF are also able to co-ordinate interface with the warehouse management system.