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hanging garment

Hanging Garment Racking

Our garment storage racking has been developed to meet the needs of the modern garment retailer and distributor.

Robust welded end frames are punched with a unique slot pattern for the simple location of hanging beams. Designed to store garments back-to-back, the frames can be arranged to give picking access to the garment shoulder from clear aisle ways, allowing maximum storage density and space utilisation.

Hanging Garment

Hanging beams are fitted between the frames without the need for tools and can be easily adjusted in height increments of 100mm to cater for seasonal stock changes. Standard sizes will create 1.5m, 1.2m and 1.0m clear entry bays.

With the introduction of simple drop-over metal or timber shelves the racking can be instantly converted to hold flat pack products.

Maximum utilisation of the building height can be achieved by creating two and three tier racking systems with timber or metal catwalk levels for access to the picking faces. These systems offer a flexible alternative to full structural mezzanines with future re-location costs kept to a minimum.

slickrail and speedrail

Speed and Slick Rail Systems

For speedy access to garment storage locations, we offer both overhead speed rail and slick rail systems. Each system has inherent benefits suiting a variety of different storage and handling operations. Inter floor conveyors carry trolleys or single garments through the storage floors quickly and safely. Powered conveyors can be introduced to all parts of the system for excessive travel distances and labour-intensive operations.

Our engineers are happy to meet and discuss your requirements before offering cost effective solutions to each individual enquiry. We pride ourselves on our ability to react quickly, which is essential in today’s fast moving commercial world.
Have your products come to you with a Speed or Slick Rail System

hanging garment

Speed and Slick Rail Overhead Conveyors

Where storage locations on different floor levels are serviced by overhead transport rail, powered conveyors need to be introduced.
With either trolley systems (speedrail) or slick rail systems AGF can manufacture overhead incline conveyors of varying lengths. Picking up the trolley or garment hanger via pusher dogs attached to a powered chain, the garments are transferred up or down the incline smoothly, quietly and safely.

Where garments need to be moved around large warehouses, powered overhead track can be installed above the transport rail. Capturing the trolley or hanger and powering it dynamically to and from storage locations either automatically or semi automatically. Layouts of this kind rely on heavily on the control systems that can be engineered to utilise specially coded trolleys or bar codes. AGF are also able to co-ordinate interface with the warehouse management system.

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